Chiro decontracting massage. Helps to relax the body parts and helps to reduce the contractures that produce stress and bad postures. Sequential of manoeuvres to your muscles to relieve tension and pain, Ideal to relieve tension in cervical, shoulders, legs and lumbar areas.

Chiro sportive massage. Not only Olympians or athlete people can have the benefits of a sports massage.

If you are active for fun and would like to have muscle stress relief or maintain your muscles mass and bone density, you will still feel better by treating aches, pains, knots and muscle tightness, which is what registered massage therapist like myself are trained to do.

Back, neck and shoulder massage. A great substitute for a full body massage if you really need a bit of work done and don't have a lot of time to spare.

30 minute is a good amount of time to give a thorough massage to the shoulders, neck and back to relax the body and reduce stress. The treatment will be using deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques. Each session is tailored to the individuals needs and situation.

30 Eur | HALF HOUR

50 Eur | 45 Mins


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