Sensual and Tantric Services

Mode of payments: Cash, paypal, bank transfer and bizzum

All of these services are performed both naked and can be interactive according to your desire. In tatami ( Japanese bed / futon ) and massage table (stretcher) depending on type of services. Inclusions of Lingam and Prostate pleasure, using high quality and clean materials.

All of my erotic services are highly sensual form of therapy designed to reduce stress, unwind the body, achieve sexual desire and experience the full range of sensations. Help to restore the body, mind and spirit and make you conscious of your sexual energies.

  • **Most requested service**
  • 130 / 1 hour
  • 190 / 90 minutes
  • 90 / 40 minutes
  • Relaxing and Tantric erotic combined massage
  • Both naked, Body to body
  • Lingam and prostatic pleasure

Whole body relaxing massage that will end up to giving you an intense oriental tantric and heavenly pleasure. A quiro relaxing massage added a tantric technique to fulfil the need of your inner mind and body.

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  • **The most popular service**
  • 150 / 1 hour
  • 230 / 90 minutes
  • 300 / 2 hours
  • Sexual chakra energy massage
  • Both naked, Body to body
  • Lingam and prostatic pleasure

Smooth phase sensual massage that uses energy and chakras. Full body massage that arouses sexual energies in a loving touch full of attention and presence. Intimate connection, mentally and physically at heart level.

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  • 180 / 60 minutes
  • 270 / 90 minutes
  • 100 / 30 minutes
  • Sliding body to body naked massage
  • Very wet session using nuru gel
  • Lingam and prostatic pleasure

Highly sensual form of therapy erotic massage that is originated from Japan. Body to body session that rubs the body against the other while both are nude and covered with an odourless and colourless nuru gel.

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  • 300 / 1 hour
  • 450 / 90 minutes
  • 180 / 30 minutes
  • Two asian male masseur
  • Tatami (futton)
  • Relaxing massage combined with Tantric erotic technique
  • Lingam and prostatic massage

Two well experienced asian male masseur. Tantric techniques applied that will stimulate your body's sensual energy to a peak that you may find profound, offering a lasting insight into your inner sensual being. Session can also be done in massage table for lower price

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30 minutes
  • Session in tatami (Japanese bed) or Massage bed (stretcher)
  • Massage focused on genital organ
  • Prostate massage included upon request
  • Leg massage included as part of stimulation

Lingam massage is not just happy ending or orgasmic massage but more than that. Yes, the focus is massaging the lingam (the penis) but apart from that, also include the testicles, perineum (the sensitive patch of skin between the anus and the scrotum), the legs – for stimulation, and the prostate (or what other call as the g or sacred spot). In other words, in this session, your surrender yourself to ultimate heavenly pleasure of you energy thru the lingam.
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30 minutes
  • Whole session in tatami (Japanese bed)
  • Both naked
  • Tantric technique combined with relaxing massage
  • Body to body
  • Lingam and prostate massage

This session may be quick for people who are in a rush, but 30 minutes can also make a big difference to change your mood in a day. In this type of service, the priority is to finish the session quickly but achieving the most pleasant way of ending. You can chose if you want the session to focus on your back or in front. Feel free to communicate with me to modify the service. This is a sensual massage so expect to have a quick but extasy, heavenly and pleasurable session.

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