Two asian male masseur in Barcelona
4 HAND MASSAGE: Double the pleasure, double the fun

In a four-hand massage, myself and other therapist will work on your body at the same time using synchronized moves. We will be using your body as a form of canvas onto which we choreograph slow, detailed moves of varying paces and pressures.

There are different styles of four-hand massage, but here in my type of service, we will be using the TANTRIC technique in majority of time adding some strokes from chiromassage. In other word, this is a neo tantra (a combination of Tantra, erotic and relaxing massage) performed by two male.

Four-hand massage is visibly the most expensive among my other services, since two therapists are to be compensated for the time and skill. But also, this is the most wonderful and the highest sensual form of therapy among my other type of massage. Imagine four expert hands working on your muscles at the same time, four legs and two naked bodies working with coordination, carrying and exchanging sexual energies with one another.

The four-hand massage is a method of Hindu origin, performed with 4 hands and combines therapy with music and aromas. The music is used to help your mind relax and the aroma will allow you to feel involved in a lovely sensation of whole relaxation and that helps you to separate from everyday stress. Expect to be enveloped by so much amount of oil, as tantric is the main technique that will be used.

My experience in 4 hand massage in Barcelona
When I arrived in Barcelona more than a decade ago, it was very challenging for me to find a job due to limitation in language and job permit. As I mentioned from my previous blogs, working on massage saved my life as it does not need so much of talking in order to give pleasant time with client. During that time, I started working in 4 hand massage as an assistant to my Guru. Working with him for 2 years in four hand massage, I acquired good amount of knowledge in tantric technique. He made sure that one day, I will be able to do it alone perfectly with class, proper care and right approach. Now, almost 12 years have past, I am working by myself carrying all the knowledge and technique. Luckily, I also met a male Asian who are experienced in erotic and relaxing massage, he is the guy that I will be working with for this session.

Have an erotic massage in Barcelona and make it double! Double the pleasure, double the fun.

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300 / 1 hour
450 / 90 mins


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