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The objective of a tantra massage is not just pleasure for pleasure, but constitutes a means to awaken sensuality, sensitivity and the senses. The practice of Tantric sex is not only a physical practice, but also an emotional and energetic connection between two people. Practically, tantric technique is a slow form of massage, sensual, mild without pressure that creates a mind-body connection and increase intimacy that can lead to magical orgasms.

When I was in my early 20’s, I discovered the world of TANTRA, thanks to my guru Rajind from India who guided and taught me the meaning of it. Using my heart and passion, tantric technique appeared naturally and evolved throughout these years. Through work shop, books and guides from experts and gurus, years and years of experience with different people, I became very comfortable in what I do and been in love with my career.

Tantric massage is a special type of massage that uses energy and chakras to relax the person into the state of feeling the physical boundaries have dissolved. In tantric sex, through body communication, physical sex or transmitting energies, we will be able to accept, allow and honour our exact and deepest selves. This service is the most ritualistic, tantric, energy session among my other services. You and I are going to be naked on tatami (futon) and we will have a mutual interactive massage. A very smooth massage that includes my whole-body touching and massaging every inch of your body and gives you a soothing ecstasy experience. As part of tantric technique massage, I will work on transmitting my energy to yours and also you will receive a special lingam and prostate pleasure.

TANTRIC sex massage may or may not involve penetrative sex, it will depend on the dance and the desire of your body while we are in the session. It does have a lot of sensuality, intimate touch, deep connection. This ritual evolves a lot of care and love.


Real tantric technique used in sexual healing as both physical and energetic levels of the client are addressed. You can benefit from heightened sexual abilities and more controlled response mechanisms from a regular tantra session. Having regular session of tantra sex massage can have a very positive effect on your social life, promote self-confidence, positive physical health and a pleasant feeling of social and personal well-being.

My tantric sex massage is special as this uses and channels sexual energy; this is significant to obtain a unique state of consciousness through sexual joy. With this technique, I make sure that I use my heart because in tantra the technique without a heart is useless. It’s not about taking a few rigid and structured steps but to obtain an intimate, loving and spiritual connection.


My short quick and simple answer to this is, the difference between tantra and erotic massage, tantra massage include erotic massage but erotic massage does not include tantra.

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